Accumulating, spending, and protecting your money is not a one-day-only event.

If you do an excellent job with just these three skills, you will be financially successful for the rest of your life.

Accumulating money takes time, and knowing how to position money to make more money is a powerful skill, and very few people take the time to learn it. Now you have that power.

Spending money is easy; wisely spending money is a skill. You do not have to scrimp on your lifestyle—you have to make the most out of every dollar you spend. Now you have some secrets that most people don’t know.

Protecting your money from the events that life throws at us every once in a while ensures that all that great work you did to accumulate and properly spend your money is not thrown out the window if something unexpected happens.

Find a Trusted Financial Advisor; there are a lot of them out there. A Trusted Financial Advisor will simplify your life. A Trusted Financial Advisor will help you get your plan for the future in place. A Trusted Financial Advisor will pay for themselves time and time again, just making sure that your plan for your future becomes a reality.

You want to be financially successful, but without understanding the ways banks, financial institutions, and financial advisors operate, you could be paying for products or services you don’t need or want—even ones that are ticking time bombs. Anyone can call themselves a “financial advisor,” but taking advice from non-experts who don’t put your interests first can lead you down a path of financial ruin.

Kevin MacLeod, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, is here to help. Money Made Easy offers insider information on everything you need to know about accumulating, spending, and protecting your hard-earned money. Learn how to maximize your accumulation of assets, distinguish bad financial advisors from trustworthy ones, and other tools to ensure no one can ever cheat you out of your money again.

Kevin MacLeod CFP®, RRC, CEA

Kevin has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional since 2002. He is a founder and partner of Lee-Owe MacLeod Wealth Management Inc., one of Canada’s largest independent investment firms, and president of Money Advisor Wealth Management Inc.

An entrepreneur and top-performing financial advisor, Kevin has helped thousands of people accumulate, spend, and protect their money for the future. He knows the key to financial success is knowledge of money and the products and services that best suit our needs, and he’s passionate about spreading that knowledge.

Kevin lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is married with two adult daughters and two grandchildren.

Money Made Easy is a simplified guide for accumulating, spending and protecting your money, and is not a one-day-only event.